Mental Health

untitled (189) untitled (188)How closely is metal health tied to your physical health.  The best way to answer that is are you mentally healthy.  I suppose that if you were mentally ill then you might think you are healthy when the fact is you are very sick.  On the outside the poor should looked the picture of health while inside the brain a tumor is growing.  The only way a mentally ill person can get help is to break down completely where the mental effects the physical.  A stroke is a warning that there is something wrong and needs attention.  The problem is by the time a stroke happens it is often too late to intervene.  You may wake up an think you are in St. Croix valley but you are in bed instead.

Health Dangers Of Imported Fish

A few days ago it was discussed how you can eat your way to better health with fish and what makes them so good for you. We learned Omega-3 fats are some of the best fats you can have and why this is one of the only fat you want let alone need. In the same article it was clarified that live fish food (as talked about here: is the perhaps the best thing to feed your fish if you plan on eating them later because you eat what fish eat and it sure is better than some flakes from a bottle.

Everything from the food a fish eats to the quality of water a fish “breathes” has so much to do with if a fish is fit to eat. The scary fact is 85% of fish and other seafood consumed in America is imported. The mass majority of overseas fish farms are not inspected by U.S. officials. Also, since the government can withhold suspect food imports without examining them, a slight few of our foreign imported seafood goods is tested for drug residues when it enters the country. In other words, you may be eating contaminated fish.

To recap on the previous statement, you eat what a fish eats but have you considered what a fish eats? It is no new discovery that fish can contain parasites but how do they get there? Eggs of the parasite pass into the sea with from the waste of mammals. Eventually the eggs hatch the microscopic larvae from the egg becomes prey of small shrimplike crustaceans. They eat the parasite, the fish eats the crustacean and through these careless imports, you eat the infested fish. This is why clean, live fish food is so important.