Randi Glazer Issues Warning Regarding Health Risks Associated With Masculinity

Cultural norms play an incredibly powerful role in the way we perceive ourselves and in the way we interact with others, which is why Randi Glazer has been making a concerted effort to raise more awareness regarding the dangers of masculinity when it comes to dealing with any number of… Continue reading

John Pryor Gives 4 Examples of Strength Excelling in Sports

John Pryor believes that being a rugby player requires one to have an abundance of both power and strength which are essential in order for one to excel in the game. In sports such as rugby which is usually rough, rugged and fast-paced, strength as well as endurance training is… Continue reading

Can a Change of Scenery Encourage Improved Health and Wellness?

Whether we realize it or not, we all eventually settle into a pattern that becomes a routine, influencing everything from workplace productivity to recreational pursuits. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as there can be many positives drawn from recurring behaviors that maintain or improve health and wellness. The… Continue reading

Can You Work A Busy Luke Weil Schedule?

Some of my favorite people in the entire world are personal trainers simply because these are people who’s business is to spread health awareness and help people change their lives by changing their health. Improving your own health is a challenge that many embark on, but few succeed in because… Continue reading

Dr. Andrew Carver on Dangers of High Heels

Dr. Andrew Carver explains the dangers of wearing high heels. Dr. Andrew Carver is a foot and ankle expert. WHAT ARE THE REAL DANGERS OF HIGH HEELS? 1. Heels displace about 70-80% of the body weight under the ‘BALL’ of the forefoot. This causes the formation of painful callouses there… Continue reading