Healthy Fun

Healthy fun can be a good way to stay fit.  If you can find that hobby that you enjoy and offers good exercise you are on track to be healthy.  The best hobbies are walking or swimming.  Swimminguntitled (104) untitled (103) has the added benefit of low load on the joints.  If you can have access to a pool on a regular basis it will be just the ticket for your fitness training.  The exercise is great as you age as the level can be changed to match the ability of the individual.  If you can swim regularly the fitness of your body will improve.  Brandon Hopkins is a swimming nut and find that his fitness is very good.

Tonye Cole: From Sahara to Success

At a young age when most boys would run around after girls, Tonye Cole is betting on survival with full knowledge of what responsibility and consequences mean. In an interview in Huffington Post,, he admitted that his sense of independence and responsibility showed him his strengths and weaknesses and worked on them.

Cole, co-founder of energy conglomerate Sahara Group, explains that his success is greatly dependent upon his willingness to help people unleash their talents. With over 9 large companies all around the globe, Sahara has 680 employees. Cole explains that the same opportunity has been given to him starting from the bottom with nothing. Now, he has created a platform whereby talents are hired based not on their resume but their sense of willingness to be better and achieve success.