John Pryor Gives 4 Examples of Strength Excelling in Sports

John Pryor believes that being a rugby player requires one to have an abundance of both power and strength which are essential in order for one to excel in the game. In sports such as rugby which is usually rough, rugged and fast-paced, strength as well as endurance training is very important. These two are necessary in order to equip the players with enough energy and strength to endure the game well. This will guarantee that the player will have the speed and power needed to outlast a game successfully. Strength training on an extensive level is necessary for a player to excel in any type of physical sport. John Pryor gives the following examples of how strength aids excellence in sports.

Strength Separates the Top-Level Pros from the Rest
Every player in a team is different from the others in their different playing styles, the style of play the team favors and the training levels required in each area. There are no players even in the lower levels that lack strength or training well. However, what separates them is the development of some sets of skills that are specific for a certain game as well as the way they understand the game. Players who train using a specific training method for complex sports usually achieve much strength. Pure power and strength is the only aspect that separates the top pros from the rest of the team players.
Adding Agility to a Muscular Frame
Power and speed are considered as specific abilities of a sports person whereas hypertrophy and strength are considered to be general. In any athlete’s career it is important that they focus on strength training heavily earlier in their career. They ought to build muscle as they prepare for the season and leave skill training and training specific muscles for later in the season. Adding agility to an already muscled frame will be easier and also less risky and would help a player excel in their sports.
Avoiding Overtraining
According to John Pryor, rugby players ought not to worry so much about their size and strength as long as they had a training foundation that was solid at the start. The first 4-8 weeks in the pre-season should be focused on building mass and strength before the weight is reduced to the minimum. The focus should then shift to aerobic activities and high reps. The athlete should then focus on adding speed to their game while maintaining the power needed for every movement in order for them to excel in their main seasons.
Durability and Core Strength Counteracts High Injury Risks
Injuries are part of sports and in rugby specifically the injury risks and rates are higher when compared to other sports. Most of these injuries involve muscular strains, contusions, dislocations, fractures, lacerations or over-use related injuries. Adequate strength training is therefore important in order to help players avoid these injuries which hamper their chances of excelling in their sports. Strength building usually goes a long way in ensuring precision, speed and power to a player while playing.
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