Can a Change of Scenery Encourage Improved Health and Wellness?

Whether we realize it or not, we all eventually settle into a pattern that becomes a routine, influencing everything from workplace productivity to recreational pursuits. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as there can be many positives drawn from recurring behaviors that maintain or improve health and wellness. The flip side of this is that there is always the risk that people settled into routines become bored if there is not enough variety, and there is the distinct possibility that certain aspects of the routine have negative health consequences. When a change becomes necessary, it may be possible to improve health and wellness with a simple change of scenery.

It is important to point out that some massive life upheaval is not at all necessary to achieve some level of benefit from a change of scenery, as a weeklong vacation to enjoyable locales or a brief jaunt on Laughlin, NV bus tours can be more than adequate to stimulate a positive lifestyle change. Of course, it is not enough for an individual to make positive changes just by heading out of town for a few days, as there has to be a specific intent regarding the desired changes along with an understanding of how to implement those changes during the time spent away from home.

Before going into greater detail, it is valuable to understand why a simple change of scenery can help people shed the bad habits or patterns they have fallen into. The problem is one of simple association, as we have a tendency to associate familiar visual cues with certain behaviors, so it should not be all that surprising that poor dietary habits are hard to break given the presence of so many familiar cues. When someone leaves these cues behind by heading to an unfamiliar location, it is a lot like wiping the slate clean in terms of associated behaviors. With a clear intention and a desire to change, a new location is quite helpful when it comes to stimulating behavioral changes aimed at improving health and wellness.

The first step to improving health and wellness through positive lifestyle changes is to have a clear understanding of the changes that must be made. This may be accomplished by adopting a new exercise routine, a healthier diet or an increased commitment to intellectual pursuits, so the destination should reflect the desired lifestyle change in some way. A trip to Las Vegas may not be the best place to try to devote more time to literary pursuits, but it may be an ideal location to broaden one’s understanding of contemporary music. In this circumstance, having a clear purpose in mind is quite critical.

Once a location has been selected according to the specific goal, it becomes important to develop a plan that reflects an intention for positive change. During a trip to Big Sur, for example, a traveler seeking to improve their health through outdoor activities should take some time to research the various trails that take hikers up into the mountains or down to the shoreline of the Pacific Coast. Someone looking to adopt a healthier diet may likewise research local restaurants that serve health-conscious meals in order to make sure they patronize the kinds of places that will help them reach their intended goal.

Adopting new habits in favor or old ones is undeniably difficult, but that does not mean it is impossible. A change of scenery can help stimulate these kinds of changes in a significant way, and once a new habit is adopted it becomes quite difficult to fall back into any bad habits. This certainly requires a fair amount of vigilance at first, but healthy behaviors become easier to maintain the longer they are followed. Of course, the most important factor is the individual’s desire to change in the first place, as it is very unlikely for improved health and wellness to occur if a concerted effort to change does not exist.

Painless Health

No pain…no gain?  Is there a way to be healthy without all the pain?  I think that if you are having pain then your body is trying to tell you something.untitled (140) imagesBJYOMWPQ  The pain you feel is you muscles complaining.  Can you be wearing out your body?  I think that the constant pounding of the body will cause bad joints and torn ligaments.  The body should not be abused by ridiculous exorcise.  If you need to exorcise consider a swim or a long walk.  Dana Sibilsky is an exorcise fanatic and will be a crippled old man someday but he will not stop until he is dead.

Mental Health

untitled (189) untitled (188)How closely is metal health tied to your physical health.  The best way to answer that is are you mentally healthy.  I suppose that if you were mentally ill then you might think you are healthy when the fact is you are very sick.  On the outside the poor should looked the picture of health while inside the brain a tumor is growing.  The only way a mentally ill person can get help is to break down completely where the mental effects the physical.  A stroke is a warning that there is something wrong and needs attention.  The problem is by the time a stroke happens it is often too late to intervene.  You may wake up an think you are in St. Croix valley but you are in bed instead.

Healthy Fun

Healthy fun can be a good way to stay fit.  If you can find that hobby that you enjoy and offers good exercise you are on track to be healthy.  The best hobbies are walking or swimming.  Swimminguntitled (104) untitled (103) has the added benefit of low load on the joints.  If you can have access to a pool on a regular basis it will be just the ticket for your fitness training.  The exercise is great as you age as the level can be changed to match the ability of the individual.  If you can swim regularly the fitness of your body will improve.  Brandon Hopkins is a swimming nut and find that his fitness is very good.

Healthy Appetite?

imagesS83ZBUXBI have a healthy appetite.  Well if getting fat is healthy.  I am not sure what a healthy appetite is but I would guess that it shouldn’t make you fat.  I don’t think it means that you should crave kale or Brussels sprouts.  The real healthy appetite may not be something I have ever known.  I am not a sweet nut but rather a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  Is that healthy?  I guess it is healthy in moderation.  I would then conclude that a healthy appetite is a “I’m never hungry” kind.  Home For Life Animal Sanctuary even makes me hungry?

Behavioral Changes Paramount in Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

As the obesity rate continues to rise in the United States, many individuals are rightly becoming concerned over their health. While losing weight should certainly be a goal of those dealing with issues related to obesity, there is a danger in the many strategies that promise to deliver exceptional results in a short period of time.

According to Luke Weil, a fitness enthusiast and Co-Founder at Andina Acquisition Corp., these quick fixes may sometimes result in weight loss but very rarely address the true issue: behavior. The key, according to Weil, is to adopt healthy behaviors that can be maintained over the course of a lifetime, not to go on a diet that drastically limits caloric intake or completely eliminates a food group that has nutritional value.

Weil notes that a sensible diet and a modest exercise routine will ultimately yield the health benefits that so many are seeking. This means that those dealing with obesity – or those who simply wish to avoid obesity in the future – should consider a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains (yes, carbohydrates), and animal products in moderation.

In addition to dietary changes, it is important to adopt a modest exercise routine that involves daily activity. For some, this may be as simple as taking a brisk walk each day, while others may wish to incorporate running, cycling or weight lifting. The key is to find a physical activity that is enjoyable, as people are just more likely to continue to exercise when they enjoy the time spent exercising.