Dr. Andrew Carver on Dangers of High Heels

Dr. Andrew Carver explains the dangers of wearing high heels. Dr. Andrew Carver is a foot and ankle expert.


1. Heels displace about 70-80% of the body weight under the ‘BALL’ of the forefoot.
This causes the formation of painful callouses there and actual bursa formation under the ball of the foot.

2. Compression of the TOES.
The cubic content of the ‘toe box’ of a heel is too small for the toes.
Over time this causes bunion pain and bursitis and hammertoe callouses and bursitis there.

3. ‘BALANCE’ of the back of the foot and ankle becomes very precarious in high heels.
Ankle sprains are much more likely because the weight of the rear foot is thinly balanced on a high spindle.

4. The ACHILLES TENDON is held in a shortened position.
Wearing heels most of the time can theoretically allow this muscle tendon complex to ‘shorten’ hence causing severe tightness when walking in ‘flat’ shoes.