Randi Glazer Issues Warning Regarding Health Risks Associated With Masculinity

Randi glazer masculinity healthCultural norms play an incredibly powerful role in the way we perceive ourselves and in the way we interact with others, which is why Randi Glazer has been making a concerted effort to raise more awareness regarding the dangers of masculinity when it comes to dealing with any number of health issues. While there are certainly some benefits associated with toughness and other qualities associated with masculinity, these traits may be part of the reason why many men are at a greater risk when it comes to a wide range of treatable illnesses.

Several studies have shown that men who identify themselves as masculine are far more likely to downplay or even lie about the presence of symptoms they are experiencing during a visit with a doctor. The degree to which these symptoms were downplayed or glossed over increased in direct relation to the level of masculinity these men assigned to themselves, which seems to indicate that masculinity is simply bad for your health.

Of course, it is not masculinity itself that is causing the health issues. Instead, it is the idea that toughness is associated with hiding any sign of weakness, even if the person the weakness is being hid from is the very person capable of addressing that weakness. Glazer believes that drastic change is not necessary to improve the health outcomes for these most masculine of individuals, as simply urging and encouraging men to attend a checkup and to be honest with the doctor ought to be more than enough to generate a significant improvement.

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