Randi Glazer Issues Warning Regarding Health Risks Associated With Masculinity

Randi glazer masculinity healthCultural norms play an incredibly powerful role in the way we perceive ourselves and in the way we interact with others, which is why Randi Glazer has been making a concerted effort to raise more awareness regarding the dangers of masculinity when it comes to dealing with any number of health issues. While there are certainly some benefits associated with toughness and other qualities associated with masculinity, these traits may be part of the reason why many men are at a greater risk when it comes to a wide range of treatable illnesses.

Several studies have shown that men who identify themselves as masculine are far more likely to downplay or even lie about the presence of symptoms they are experiencing during a visit with a doctor. The degree to which these symptoms were downplayed or glossed over increased in direct relation to the level of masculinity these men assigned to themselves, which seems to indicate that masculinity is simply bad for your health.

Of course, it is not masculinity itself that is causing the health issues. Instead, it is the idea that toughness is associated with hiding any sign of weakness, even if the person the weakness is being hid from is the very person capable of addressing that weakness. Glazer believes that drastic change is not necessary to improve the health outcomes for these most masculine of individuals, as simply urging and encouraging men to attend a checkup and to be honest with the doctor ought to be more than enough to generate a significant improvement.

Can You Work A Busy Luke Weil Schedule?

Some of my favorite people in the entire world are personal trainers simply because these are people who’s business is to spread health awareness and help people change their lives by changing their health. Improving your own health is a challenge that many embark on, but few succeed in because it takes so much discipline, which is what the majority of people lack, consistency and hard work. With an understanding of how much work it takes to improve your own health, it would be fair to say that improving the health of another person is that amount of hard work doubled over.

You may ask, “Why are personal trainers some of your favorite people?” The answer is obvious, because I am passionate about health, so are they and they do whatever they can to improve another person’s health and make sure they succeed. In a way, you could say that personal trainers are changing the world by changing lives and helping people reclaim the health and life they probably once had.

Early to rise and early to bed, a personal fitness instructor is one of the busiest people in the world. With a crazy and complex schedule like Luke Weil, the saying, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” is one that often escapes their lips. Their schedule consists of an early run in the morning (distance and time may vary), then breakfast and straight to work. While working, the fitness instructor is dedicated to their clients and that doesn’t stop just because they go home. Once home, it’s all about study, study, study as well as make a schedule for the next day or the next week in advance. A personal trainer will write emails and make phone calls to schedule appointments and collect payment if they must.

Through and through, the life of a personal fitness instructor is never calm, never laid back and never boring. Something is always happening and something is always changing. The greatest way to show your gratitude to a personal trainer is simply by trusting them, doing what is asked of you and getting results. There is no teacher in the world that wants to see you fail, because if you fail, they fail.

Dr. Parviz Khosrowyar Helped My Health

Just last week I had my favorite session of the year (sarcasm included). I had to go to the doctor’s office for my yearly checkup just to make sure my vitals are working properly. Just like every time, Dr. Parviz Khosrowyar handled my health with great care and professionalism.

Dr. Khosrowyar ran his tests on me and told me that my health wasn’t as top notch as it was last year and asked me what I had been doing differently. I told him that I had read that red wine was great for health and that I have been drinking no more than 1 or 2 glasses every day to ensure my heart health is at it’s peak. Dr. Khosrowyar nodded that he understood, but then told me something shocking. Apparently red wine isn’t as good for health as I was led to believe.

The overall verdict was that my health is still good, just not nearly AS good. I guess you could say I have a few things to change.

Painless Health

No pain…no gain?  Is there a way to be healthy without all the pain?  I think that if you are having pain then your body is trying to tell you something.untitled (140) imagesBJYOMWPQ  The pain you feel is you muscles complaining.  Can you be wearing out your body?  I think that the constant pounding of the body will cause bad joints and torn ligaments.  The body should not be abused by ridiculous exorcise.  If you need to exorcise consider a swim or a long walk.  Dana Sibilsky is an exorcise fanatic and will be a crippled old man someday but he will not stop until he is dead.

Mental Health

untitled (189) untitled (188)How closely is metal health tied to your physical health.  The best way to answer that is are you mentally healthy.  I suppose that if you were mentally ill then you might think you are healthy when the fact is you are very sick.  On the outside the poor should looked the picture of health while inside the brain a tumor is growing.  The only way a mentally ill person can get help is to break down completely where the mental effects the physical.  A stroke is a warning that there is something wrong and needs attention.  The problem is by the time a stroke happens it is often too late to intervene.  You may wake up an think you are in St. Croix valley but you are in bed instead.

Healthy Fun

Healthy fun can be a good way to stay fit.  If you can find that hobby that you enjoy and offers good exercise you are on track to be healthy.  The best hobbies are walking or swimming.  Swimminguntitled (104) untitled (103) has the added benefit of low load on the joints.  If you can have access to a pool on a regular basis it will be just the ticket for your fitness training.  The exercise is great as you age as the level can be changed to match the ability of the individual.  If you can swim regularly the fitness of your body will improve.  Brandon Hopkins is a swimming nut and find that his fitness is very good.

Healthy Appetite?

imagesS83ZBUXBI have a healthy appetite.  Well if getting fat is healthy.  I am not sure what a healthy appetite is but I would guess that it shouldn’t make you fat.  I don’t think it means that you should crave kale or Brussels sprouts.  The real healthy appetite may not be something I have ever known.  I am not a sweet nut but rather a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  Is that healthy?  I guess it is healthy in moderation.  I would then conclude that a healthy appetite is a “I’m never hungry” kind.  Home For Life Animal Sanctuary even makes me hungry?

Is a Healthy Tan, Healthy?

What is a healthy tan. Is a healthy tan, healthy?  As the earth rotates around and around the sun moon in this solar system and sun flares up and out more and more.  The sun rays become more unhealthy at some periods of time of day and during some episodes that may build during the seasons and weather pattern.  Why is it that you can go out on a cloudy day and get a very bad sun burn.

Portrait of male with bad sunburn

Portrait of male with bad sunburn

Why is early in the morning better to be out in the sun and get your vitamin d that the body needs so much of these days as more and more people are beginning to have vitamin d deficiency.  Occidental Vacation Club Reviews show the best time to get the sun.

Are you Healthy Enough?

I always was very active in my youth. What they say about aging is true are you healthy enough take care of yourself when you are young. We get older take risks with are lives as we grow because we are physically able to do so.  Injury here injury there not letting them heal before the next great adventure and injury. So enjoy your  youth kids because when you get older you will be feeling every one of those injuries that never healed fully.  When the  climate change or weather what ever  is publicity correct. Firoz Patel Payza  is always the man when it comes to healthy living.

Health Dangers Of Imported Fish

A few days ago it was discussed how you can eat your way to better health with fish and what makes them so good for you. We learned Omega-3 fats are some of the best fats you can have and why this is one of the only fat you want let alone need. In the same article it was clarified that live fish food (as talked about here:http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/reefs2go-stocking-live-fish-food-including-feeder-shrimp-brine-shrimp-amphipods-copepods-2004992.htm) is the perhaps the best thing to feed your fish if you plan on eating them later because you eat what fish eat and it sure is better than some flakes from a bottle.

Everything from the food a fish eats to the quality of water a fish “breathes” has so much to do with if a fish is fit to eat. The scary fact is 85% of fish and other seafood consumed in America is imported. The mass majority of overseas fish farms are not inspected by U.S. officials. Also, since the government can withhold suspect food imports without examining them, a slight few of our foreign imported seafood goods is tested for drug residues when it enters the country. In other words, you may be eating contaminated fish.

To recap on the previous statement, you eat what a fish eats but have you considered what a fish eats? It is no new discovery that fish can contain parasites but how do they get there? Eggs of the parasite pass into the sea with from the waste of mammals. Eventually the eggs hatch the microscopic larvae from the egg becomes prey of small shrimplike crustaceans. They eat the parasite, the fish eats the crustacean and through these careless imports, you eat the infested fish. This is why clean, live fish food is so important.